Sunday, 2 April 2017

Kwick Fit Car Maintenance

Shirley organised a great evening at Kwick Fit, the team gave us an introduction to car maintenance, we learnt lots, got to wear overalls and great fun was had by all.  Thank you to the Kwick Fit team!

Ernest Wright & Sons blade makers

We had a fascinating tour organised by Laura at Ernest Wright & Sons blade makers. It was great to see how our steel city makes blades, an essential tool at our craft evenings!  Thank you to the team at Ernest Wright.  To visit their website, click on the link

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

March Meeting - Howard Middleton from Bake Off!

We had an excellent talk from Howard Middleton about his 'bake off' experiences and life since then. There were a few nerves as he sampled the March members' cakes but he was very complimentary!

FoPV Easter Ducks March 2017

We're knitting ducks again! We worked hard at  the Needles and Natter evening last week (helped by a glass of wine)  Here is our first flotilla of 25 ready to swim off to the 'Friends of Porter Valley' duck race. Buy them (with treats inside) in the park cafes or at the race on Easter Monday in Endcliffe Park.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Archer Project - The Star

We featured in The Star this week, when Sue presented Tracy Viner at the Archer Project with our 2016 donations. Click on the link to read The Star - WIER Article

Saturday, 18 February 2017

February Meeting - The Eyam Plague!

David Bell gave a fascinating talk on The Eyam Plague and the treatment of everyday ailments 350 years ago.

It was an entertaining account but not for the faint hearted! By the end we all felt very relieved to be living in the 21st century!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Majestic Wine Tasting 02/02/17

I am trying to think back to Thursday and looking back through the pictures I can see some of us went wine tasting at Majestic (hiccup)!
We were hosted by Karl (vintage since 2006), who gave us an insight into French wine. We tried pink champagne, various white and red followed by a desert wine, some tasting had canopes which really compliemented the taste.
Thank you to Karl and the team for making us feel welcome, and sharing his passion for wine.
Majestic do offer wine tasting events which you will find in store at Majestic on Abbeydale Road and have a tasting station free at any time to try different spirits, beers and wines.